Expression idiomatique en anglais: Ballpark figure

27 juillet 2017 - Anglais : ressources

Ballpark figure


  • To be near about the exact (usually in amount)
  • An estimate of what the actual figure will be like

Example sentences

  • The management was given a ballpark figure at the very beginning of the presentation.
  • I have donated this ballpark figure to the children’s aid this morning.
  • Even a ballpark figure to this number is going to hurt our overall numbers very badly this quarter.
  • I save a ballpark figure of 20% from my salary every month as something for the rainy day.
  • Do you know that the making of this building cost a ballpark figure of 1 million US dollars?
  • I need a ballpark figure that will be required for this project so that the management can make further business and finance décisions.
  • The ballpark figure has been allocated among all the shareholders, when the company liquidated.


  • The origin of this phrase comes from how a commentator would give an estimate of the number of audiences by just looking around. Speculated to have started in America through baseball but it is now a popular way of speaking throughout the world.


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