Expression idiomatique en anglais : come what may

22 février 2021 - Anglais : ressources

Come what may


  • No matter what may happen
  • To be sure of going ahead in a particular situation even if all the odds are not in favour
  • To resolve on doing (something) or to ignore the circumstances in order to get something done

Example sentences:

  • The girl has decided to marry him come what may. She will proceed even if her entire family is against her decision.
  • I have decided to go to London to complete my higher education come what may.
  • She has promised her mother that she will pass the exam come what may this year.
  • We will be vacationing outside the country this year come what may.
  • My cousin is going to go to the party come what may.
  • She got the assignment and will not finish it come what may.
  • I am going to board that train come what may.
  • It’s good to know that, come what may, our job is safe.


The phrase was used in the French language in the early 1300’s as « avalze que valze » which means « let it avail what it may, come what may ». Skakespeare made it popular by using it in his work ‘Macbeth’ in the year 1605. By the 1800s it was a popular US phrase just as much as it belonged to European English.


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