Expression idiomatique en anglais : On the ball !

5 décembre 2020 - Anglais : ressources

On the ball


  • knowledgeable and competent
  • alert, in command of senses, attentive
  • understands the situation well
  • quick to understand and react to a situation


  • He was right on the ball regarding his assessment of the situation.
  • I couldn’t sleep well last night, so am not on the ball today.
  • When his opponent tried to sneak in a pass, the defender was right on the ball and stopped it well.
  • This mess wouldn’t have happened had you been on the ball.
  • « Are you alright? You don’t seem on the ball today ».
  • This article about the current problems of the nation is right on the ball.
  • He has been sick all week and wasn’t on the ball when I met him.
  • He has done a great job. He was really on the ball.


This phrase originated in sports, specifically in ball games where the players were asked to keep their « eyes on the ball ». The current usage of the phrase began in the 1900s.


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